Find Your Voice | 6-Week Challenge

Imagine you are tasked with delivering an important presentation at work—maybe it is a sales pitch to a key customer, a budget proposal for senior management, or a keynote conference talk in front of your peers.

No matter what the topic, the goal of these kinds of presentations is the same: communicate a message that engages the audience, sticks in their minds, and persuades them to take action.

This 6-Week Challenge dives deep into the science behind persuasion.  We will cover finding your unique message and crafting a presentation that enhances it.

We will teach you how to create your value proposition as a speaker for each of the following to ensure you have a solid turnkey model that will keep the opportunities coming:

  • Your Audience
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Event Coordinators

Find Your Voice is an interactive online course that guides professionals step by step through everything needed for a successful speaking engagement. Course milestones are reviewed by public speaking experts, who provide personalized feedback and tips. It also works great as a team training.